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What has the Coronavirus crisis taught us?

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world as the cases are on an exponential rise.

The crisis has taught us a lot of things and still there is a lot to learn cause the fight is yet not over:

  1. Respecting nature and what it means to us humans if we really want to survive
  2. Hopefully we will think again and again before torturing any animal, bird or plant
  3. Respecting each other and treating as humans
  4. The importance of hygiene, especially to the citizens of countries like India where it was a big issue until the crisis broke out in the country
  5. The importance of keeping a distance and avoiding unnecessary hand-shakes, hugging, and kissing as far as the western world is concerned
  6. The importance of live relationships and friendships than those virtual ones
  7. Humans were constantly running after something or the other and this crisis has taught the importance of stepping out from the rat race for sometime to experience what life truly has to offer
  8. Taught us all that, life is too fragile and whatever material gains we may achieve, it will never satisfy us
  9. It will help us to understand the limited nature of physical life which we have given utmost importance to, hence the infinite problems, will help many to take their first step towards spirituality
  10. Company cultures will change, hopefully
  11. Education systems from all across the world, will implement some necessary values which must be cultivated to raise more aware, kinder and wiser students
  12. World politics and international relations will change, hopefully for the betterment of our planet
  13. Things will get normal but the fears will settle deep inside us which will make us think of the choices we are making, as the most intelligent species on the planet.

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