Should students in India really run behind the Government exams?

Thousands of students every year sit for these coveted government exams and fail to clear still dreaming to get that particular post under the belt. If you ask me, in an age in which a person should be gaining some practical world experience, he/she is sitting around giving multiple govt exams and continuing despite the repeated failures clearly denotes that the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter are somehow taken care of. If not then this situation of wasting four precious years in just preparing would have never occurred.

If we ever go on and calculate the net loss being caused by the “students” who prepare year after year for the trap called as govt exams, then it will be in millions if not billions of dollars. But this fact will never be digested by many since they are merely blinded by that tag. You have already wasted a lot of time of your life in a pursuit which has left you with no skills but just knowledge which can be applied if used correctly.

Leaving behind your failures, you still have a chance to find some work and not get trapped into the social standards of a necessary respectable post/job. If you have the funds to pursue a degree in a foreign nation, then nobody can stop you from doing so. You know your own strengths and weaknesses and your own capacity to handle situations. If you have a concrete idea which can be executed, go ahead, cause the country needs more entrepreneurs. But if it’s just to get into the bandwagon of becoming a founder and earning crores, then I would recommend you to think over it again.

I am pretty much sure that many more options will be available to you at this stage apart from these two, it is just that you need to analyse, set your expectations accordingly and act to reach there. Action in a proper direction is the only way for you now.

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