Coronavirus and its effects on IT sector in India

Here I will talk about the whole industry scenario.

The COVID-19 outbreak has surely turned the whole world upside down and has created a havoc as of now. But still, we as humans will find the requisite solutions and continue our fight with the mighty virus.

Especially in India, it is a great feeling to finally get work from home for majority of the employees who literally spend maximum amount of time in their offices considering the fact that majority of IT forms are situated in the urban jungles.

Working from home is a positive aspect of this situation, a concept which has existed from a long time, but for the employees who can use the Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a medium to facilitate their work and tasks, the biggest examples being design, information tech and to some extent business. Also, the WFH strategy has paved its way to clear the excess traffic which could have been caused by the workers of these industries and thus the bold move by the corporations and companies is a fact which should be appreciated.

In this scenario, employees from such industries can only benefit from a work from home policy whereas the other industries are severely suffering from a man-power loss or are completely on the verge of closing down. Mostly the industries such as cinemas, spas, aviation, manufacturing, hotels, education and many more or which belong to the services sector are getting adversely affected by it.

So when we are talking about work from home, there is this other side where majority of the working population of our country “needs” to step out to earn its income/wages. Also we have to remember and thank all the healthcare officials and workers who are constantly working into the eye of the storm by risking their lives and providing the best service they can.

Thus, work from home may seem as a happy period for many but I feel that at the end, it is restricted to only a few industries and thus we all the “lucky” ones should pray that this situation soon comes to an end and help others understand and feel safe around us by consuming the right information and sharing the same.

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