10 Points to consider when we are talking about Herd Immunity for India

Few important points to consider when we are talking about herd immunity are :-

1. The concept of herd immunity has failed in many countries including those which have lesser populations and best of healthcare systems in the world. We cannot forget that India has a population of 1.4 billion people.

2. We are not sure about the complete nature of the virus so drawing conclusions will not prove beneficial at this point. As per the trend till now, people from every age group have been affected by this virus and many have reported with severe long term consequences even when they have recovered.

3. There is no scientific evidence that Indians have a higher immunity and that we will survive this pandemic. Yes there is a certain factor which is fighting the war against this virus for us but to say that we are and will turn out just fine is very much dangerous.

4. Herd immunity will work if done in a phased manner if not then there will be a huge pressure on the already weak healthcare system of ours. Many, I repeat many people will die before achieving herd immunity. Are we really ready for this cause one death isn’t just a number, along with it destroys lives of many people around.

5. Even if people below 50 are at lesser risk of contracting the virus, it might spread to the older population or even to the elderly people who are staying at home. What will one do if someone elderly at home is contracted with the virus because of the young?

6. At the end if there is no vaccine then herd immunity is the only solution but in a staggered and slow manner even if it takes a year. Making a rush will only make things worst and the damage it will do will be catastrophic.

7. The daily wage earners, workers and the whole poor section of the society is going to suffer throughout this trial and error as they are going to get trampled. These were the people who were, are and will suffer and the previous economic progress which only supported the rich also wasn’t helping them get out of their conditions.

8. New business, educational and economic models are now required to survive through this pandemic. The new normal should be different from the previous “normal”. We will need to stay practical, weigh the pros and cons and shift our focus to some new avenues of earning and livelihood cause many industries are not going to return back at least for more 3–4 years.

9. All these concepts and half knowledge gimmicks are now being spread by the media and businessmen so that people will come out of their homes and start buying their products again. They fear that if somehow people understand that life can be happily lived with less, then they might lose. So beware from these folks.

10. Lastly, I hate to say this but hope for the best but prepare for the worst cause the fight has just begun. Till then, take the necessary precautions laid by the world health authorities and follow the protocols by the government.

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