What is the impact that Coronavirus can have on the IT industry of India?

The COVID-19 virus has now affected the entire world. The impact can be seen since the governments and healthcare officials are working round the clock to restrict the virus’s spread into the subsequent phases.

Talking about the IT industry, then it is the least affected industry as of now since the employees working are able to complete the work at hand from their respective homes as almost every major IT firm has decided to deploy the work from home policy.

As far as the IT services companies are concerned, there is going to be a hit since getting new projects is going to be a challenge in the coming time period even after the fight against the virus will be over.

With an incoming global recession, many industries are going to face the heat which will indirectly impact the IT sector as well. The Indian IT sector was already going sluggish with rampant cost cutting by major MNCs which resulted in thousands of employees being laid off.

Thus, its better to stay updated, re-skill yourself and prepare for any scenario since nothing can be predicted as of now. Only time will tell if the situation worsens or anything positive comes out from this global emergency for the IT workforce.

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