What is an unlikely beneficiary of Coronavirus crisis?

The humans are not the central species on the planet earth. There are millions of other living organisms which live on this planet, many of which were already in danger because of all the unnecessary human activities which were going on over the years, which has ultimately lead to more and more chaos and garbage.

The environment is being tortured, animals and birds have died, trees have been cut to build our urban cocoons and what not. This was seriously affecting the world and us humans equally in the form of massive wildfires, hurricanes and thick air-pollution in majority of the urban cities all across. Wherever we go, we pollute everything and then claim it like its our own. This, these acts of ours have already made enough damage to our planet.

But now due to this crisis, carbon footprint has been significantly reduced, many species of birds and animals have been saved from being tortured be it for a limited period of time, the air has become much more cleaner, water bodies will remain untouched and most importantly it will give us a bit of sense of empathy to respect everything around us and not take the whole planet for granted.

The biggest beneficiary of this crisis is definitely mother nature and not the humans.

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