What can we learn from the Coronavirus pandemic?

There is a lot to learn from this Coronavirus crisis:

  • Respecting nature and all of its components
  • Respecting and treating each other as human beings since we are our only hope in the times of crisis
  • That we are really fragile and mortal and that no plans and dreams of ours are bigger than the fact that we are alive and satisfied.
  • Importance of work from home and that how it can be implemented to save time and thus reduce costs for the possible workforce
  • Focusing on healthcare systems should be our first priority.
  • Research in medicine, microbiology, virology and related disciplines should be given funding cause after all, the scientists and researchers working in these areas are our hope now
  • Importance of hygiene in countries like India which was a big issue in most parts of the country
  • The west will learn new ways to greet someone other than unnecessary hand shakes, kissing and hugging.
  • Hopefully, environment protection will be given a priority now.
  • The wet markets of china should be banned and the government must be punished for its actions

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