Top 16 things you can do to keep yourself busy and develop yourself during the COVID-19 lockdown period

The COVID-19 emergency situation has affected most of the countries in the world. The quarantine period is a procedure designed to be followed to not let any other person around get the virus which would lead to a further increase in cases (if you are sick).

If you are talking about the self-quarantine or the lockdown period to maintain the social distancing (the chain break system), then there are many things which you can do to stay engaged as well as be ready for the future:

  1. Watch TV Shows, Movies, Listen to Music
  2. Watch YouTube videos to gain insights into a particular topic of your interest
  3. Exercise at home (many apps are available to help you through this)
  4. Do yoga & learn the art of Pranayam (breathing techniques)
  5. Start the practice of Meditation (will help to stay calm in such a tense situation)
  6. Clean up your surroundings by removing or just rearranging the unnecessary stuff so that you will be ready once you will get back to work
  7. Play video games (if you have the resources, start a YouTube channel)
  8. Read E-books which are now easily available for free and many more such e-learning resources
  9. Share your knowledge through Quora, Medium, LinekdIn, Facebook
  10. Create a blog on WordPress and start writing about your life experiences
  11. Take up online courses which are now being offered on discounted prices or even for free
  12. Update your CV/Resume since the job scenario is going to get severely affected
  13. Gain some practical skills like design, programming, writing, digital marketing, painting, music
  14. Call your loved ones and friends and ask them about their situation
  15. Help spread the awareness among others around or through social media about the current situation by sharing the official and necessary facts
  16. Build your social following, now is the time to re-brand yourself and be ready for the changing market conditions.

Do strictly practice social distancing, wash your hands with soap and follow the guidelines laid down by the World Health Authorities.

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