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How you can move towards Spirituality during this COVID-19 crisis

The whole world has now been affected by the COVID-19 crisis and I can totally relate to the situation you must be going through. In such scenarios where everything around just seems to be chaotic and uncertain, it is pretty normal to feel disturbed, anxious and depressed. You must be feeling like this because of a lack of social contact and inactivity due to the lockdown which is a fact you must accept, cause acceptance will make you grow from within and will eventually help you take your next steps.

Since you have mentioned that you are mentally disturbed by the situation around, means that its a pure psychological problem which can be fixed with some practice. Below is a list of few important things which everyone of us can follow till the situation gets under-control:

  1. Stop watching news especially from the broadcast mediums such as TV since they constantly show you visuals and images which creates a deeper impact on your psychology.
  2. Staying completely away from news will help you stay focused and positive from the inside.
  3. If you want to stay updated, then subscribe to any credible and good online news publication which will help you to know the necessary facts about the issue which are not being manipulated.
  4. Develop a sense of gratitude within to understand that you still are in a better situation than millions who are stranded on the streets as of today.
  5. Think about all the frontline workers who are risking their lives by working round the clock to save the entire country from such a grim crisis
  6. The lockdown period is taking a toll on many since we humans are social animals, but instead of taking this period in a negative way, consider it as a break and try to make it constructive.
  7. Do yoga & learn the art of Pranayam (breathing techniques)
  8. Start the basic practice of Meditation (there are numerous types of meditation, pick anyone and start the practice)
  9. Observe, observe and observe. Observe yourself, the people around and how the world is constantly changing. There is a lot to learn from every bit that life offers.
  10. You can start reading some of the ancient India texts and scriptures, which are now available online. You can get closer to truth by listening to people such as Osho, Acharya Prashant, Sadhguru, Sandeep Maheshwari, B. K Shivani, Eckhart Tolle, Robin Sharma and many more to know about the inner world, gain some stability and a hold onto your life. YouTube is your best source here.
  11. Read more about the lives and works of Saints like Kabir, Tukaram, Gyaneshwar cause they are beautifully written with a deep introspection about the nature of life and the entire universe at large to be understood by everyone.

Don’t completely disregard whatever I am saying even before knowing what it stands for or what its ultimate purpose is. Now is the time to turn yourselves onto the path of spirituality, consider this as an opportunity. Spirituality is a way of life to deeply understand and break the psychological traps which we all live in.

With almost a 10 day lockdown in my city now, I have not watched a single TV show or movie in this period and have utilized it to share my knowledge, learn new things and understand more about the various aspects of life. I will not recommend you to watch TV shows or play video games, rather I will request you to question yourself and all the associated components, to go into the deeper layers of life so that you will turn out to be a stronger person.

This does not mean that I am stating entertainment as being something useless, but what I mean is it has its own limited space which holds many from stepping into the world of understanding. Also, there is no need to immediately switch to a spiritual pursuit since you can balance your current activities and start today by taking one step at a time, considering you have a huge opportunity to explore the other dimensions of life which many don’t have.

Lastly, its now completely upto you that if you wish to choose just entertainment which will have an effect for a limited time period or a pursuit which will separate you from your identities, change your perspective from the core and challenge all your beliefs and expectations.

Hope that I have helped you with my answer and you that will begin your spiritual journey to transform yourself into a person much more stronger, wiser and kinder.

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