How the World’s Billionaires have stepped up against the Coronavirus fight.

The Coronavirus which causes COVID-19 disease has affected the entire world as the race against time to stop the spread of the virus and to find a treatment or vaccine has begun.

The billionaires of the world are also feared of getting the Coronavirus since it has affected everyone, from high ranked politicians to celebrities. The financial looses which they are going to incur in this time frame is going to be significant. But the fact that they have enormous wealth and power clearly states that they are well secured and safe from getting the infection plus they can definitely afford to sit in the comforts of their luxury home during the lockdown periods. But the world needs them now.

On the other hand, the multi-billionaires are the ones who are going to help get the world back on track alongside all the government authorities in action. Its going to be a collective effort.

Bill Gates’s Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is constantly tracking the spread of the virus and is investing huge sums of money to support the healthcare systems and the research associated. “Over the years I’ve had a chance to study diseases like influenza, Ebola, and now COVID-19, including how epidemics start, how to prevent them, and how to respond to them.

“The Gates Foundation has committed up to $100 million to help with the COVID-19 response around the world, as well as $5 million to support our home state of Washington,” Gates wrote on Reddit as he answered hundreds of questions through the platform.

Jack Ma, the Alibaba founder has pledged 1.8 million masks and an aid to Asia. In his latest tweet, Ma said that some of the continent’s poorest nations would receive help that includes protective suits, ventilators and thermometers

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, is giving away $1000 to every Facebook employee. Zuckerberg is also funding an increase in Coronavirus testing in the Bay Area through his philanthropic groups. Also, him and Mr. Bill Gates are together working to fix the Coronavirus testing problem in the United States.

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, had talks with the World Health Organization regarding provision of test kits and that how the Amazon Web Services and the AI systems can be used to contain the virus. “Amazon can help with Data analytics, supply chain of protective equipment for healthworkers, scale up availability of coronavirus tests, bolster the website & consider supporting the Response Fund.” – stated the WHO director in his tweet.

Elon Muskthe man behind Tesla & Space X, is helping with providing masks during the ongoing crisis. Tesla was able to buy what CEO Elon Musk said were surplus ventilators from China. The company handed more than 1,000 of them over to the state of California on Monday. Musk and Tesla also sent some50,000 3M-made N95 surgical masks to the University of Washington’s Medical Center.

Larry Elison, has also partnered with the US government to analyze the data on the unproven drugs to find a treatment for COVID-19. Companies like Microsoft and Google are already providing the help they can through their tools and services.

As far as the Indian billionaires are considered, they too are quickly making efforts to help the fight against the virus.

Mukesh Ambani has made ₹5 crore donation to CM’s distress relief fund. Reliance Industries Limited has announced that it is enhancing its production capacity to manufacture 100,000 face-masks.

Anand Mahidra, the Mahindra group chairman, has announced to convert all the Club Mahindra resorts into temporary care facilities. He also tweeted that the group will immediately begin work on how their manufacturing facilities can make ventilators. The businessman has also pledged to contribute 100% of his salary to the fund, and keep adding to it over the course of the next few months.

Anil Agarwal, the executive chairman of Vedanta Resources has donated ₹100 crore for the fight against the pandemic.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the Paym founder has decided to let go of his 2 months salary so that the cause shall be kept. Paytm has earmarked ₹5 crore for innovators developing medical solutions.

Ratan Tata, the entrepreneur and philanthropist whom we all admire, has decided to pay full salaries to the temporary and daily wage workers for March and April.

I am sure there many other billionaires who are contributing for the fight against this crisis. We all need them and their generous contributions to find the necessary solutions and methods.

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