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What is Indian Railways doing to fight the spread of Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world and thus every country is fighting against this situation with the necessary procedures and protocols being laid down by the World Health Authorities.

The Indian government has uptil now done a very commendable job as far as restricting the spread of the virus in the further stages is concerned. The Ministry of Health and Family Planning and the allied medical and healthcare workforce is totally fighting head-on against the disease.

The Indian railways, carrying around 23 million passengers a day, is one of the most crucial aspects as far as the containment of the virus is concerned and has fully supported by constantly monitoring the situation and acting accordingly.

Few of the important steps taken by the Indian Railways are:

  1. Increased the platform ticket by Rs 50 to restrict overcrowding over the platforms
  2. Concessional booking has been suspended except few cases to discourage unnecessary traveling from March 20 to further notice
  3. Facilitated students stranded due to sudden closure of educational institutions from the North
  4. Deployment of quick medical facilities on every possible railway station
  5. Announcement through PA about the Do’s and Don’t at regular intervals on every railway station
  6. Sanitization and washing of Blankets
  7. IR has identified 12483 beds for quarantine at different locations across the country. 
  8. Control rooms and Telephone helplines have been set up at all Railway hospitals.
  9. Full refund availability for cancellations done till April 21
  10. Cancelled more than 200 trains so far, in order to restrict non-essential travel.
  11. Cancellation of all passenger trains during the Janta Curfew

Lastly, the proactive measures taken by our government and the Indian Railways will only come to fruition when we as citizens follow the guidelines laid down the authorities in action and take the precautionary measures given by the World Health Organization.

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