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How far can the new Coronavirus travel itself?

The Coronavirus is a dangerous family of viruses which have mostly said to have originated from an animal/bird. The Coronavirus which causes the disease COVID-19 has now severely affected the entire world and the fight has just begun.

According the official health authorities, maintaining a distance of 2–3 meters is advised and should be followed. The virus can stay for about 30 minutes in the air and it can stay on most of the surfaces for about 2–3 days.

But according to a recent research, a case ‘X’ was found which traveled in a jam packed bus, which had its windows closed, and later on infected others around and also surprisingly the people who were at a 4.5 meters distance from the case of origin. This suggests that, in closed spaces, the distance to be maintained upto which the virus cannot cause harm exceeds even further than the officially prescribed one.[1]

The scientists have warned that the virus could remain for around 5 days on human bodily fluids and can be transmitted through fine droplet particles and thus have advised to wear masks in tight/closed spaces where there are many people present.

Some basic precautions to be followed are:

  • HANDS: Wash them often
  • ELBOW: Cough into it
  • FACE: Don’t touch it
  • FEET: Stay more than 3ft (1m) apart
  • FEEL: Sick? Stay home

Its now each one of us’s responsibility to diligently obey the orders by the government authorities in action and take care that right kind of information is consumed and shared.

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