Why were/are so many countries unprepared for the Corona virus (COVID-19)?

Why was the world so unprepared for the virus does’t actually have a clear cut answer but a few words which can support it are:

  1. Ignorance
  2. Politics
  3. Lack of empathy

The unpreparedness is surely costing us a lot now.

The virus is said to have originated from the wet markets of Wuhan, China on 1st Dec, 2019. According to the Vox report, majority of the meat from the wet market is only consumed by a few rich and powerful people of China and not the whole population of it. Wild animals, which we only see in books and TV are sold here for consumption. But this virus is said to have possibly originated from bats.

The first few pneumonia cases which came into light due to unkown reasons made the Chinese health authorities investigate it further. Till the western world was making memes on the Chinese and the virus was taking over the whole country in a zombie-land fashion, the virus had reached Italy, Iran and South Korea and the numbers were drastically increasing. This suddenly was a shock and till then the situation was already out of hand. We did had a lot of instances and chances to actually restrict it to China but alas it never happened.

Bill Gates in one of his Ted Talks warned us all around 4 years ago about an epidemic which may kills millions if not thousands with the level of unpreparedness.

As soon as the virus started to spread all across, the media panic and the subsequent world reaction clashed which resulted in mere mismanagement and thus a Coronavirus pandemic.

But then, as of today, the Governments and authorities responsible are working tirelessly to restrict the spread. Yes we were unprepared but now we all have a chance to work towards it, help people stay aware and thus get out of this situation without much loss.

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