What are some surprising ways that COVID-19 is affecting the daily lives of people?

20th Mar, 2020

Here I will try to provide a holistic view of the current scenario.

The ‘Coronavirus’ is a very dangerous disease which has affected almost the entire world. With the populations on a rise, the counties with a high density of it are still on the rising risk curve and the fight is still not over. The medical staffers and officials are constantly on their toes to stay put and be ready for whatever the situation directs them towards.

As far as India is concerned, with the proactive approach of the govt authorities both at the central and state level, we have been successful in containing the virus to a large extent and the cases which have been tested positive are because of the people who had previously gone to the COVID-19 infected countries. Community spreading of the virus is still not recorded. But only time will tell if we are sitting on a ticking time bomb or not.

Amidst this chaos, the world economic order is losing it pillars and thus the effects are going to be long term. India as an economy was already in a slowdown phase which could have recovered since its a cycle. But this time, its going to hit hard and thus we all have a responsibility along with the government to support each other even after the fight gets over.

Daily wage workers will have to risk their lives to earn their wages. Food stalls, chaiwallas, roadside juice stalls, small hotels are all seriously affected. People have completely avoided going out in the public places which means that cinema halls, museums, concert shows, galleries and other such areas are completely shut down. Uber & Ola cabs are going empty due to the fear. Public transportation is on a standstill throughout according to the govt orders.

Education institutions have been closed down and many of the college level courses are now being taught through online mode. Majority of the IT workforce has been asked to work from home. Shops are closed, travel is restricted, people are staying at home which is a good sign suggesting that folks are taking things seriously.

There are a lot many positive aspects to this situation like, hygiene is being taken seriously in countries like India where it was high time to act on this matter. Meat consumption will reduce throughout the world. Carbon footprint will be significantly reduced due to less travelling. Many new startups could emerge in the edu-tech sector. Families have finally paused in the never ending game of chasing money and so on.

We all now have a common responsibility to stay safe, follow the prescribed guidelines, avoid any kind of bravado and consume and share the right information and help others around understand the gravity of this situation by avoiding any unnecessary panic. This is a fight of not one person but the whole world now and we as citizens are expected to act as “wise” soldiers here.

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