The 4 stages of an epidemic. Is India in the stage 3 of COVID-19?

Firstly we need to understand what the four stages exactly are which eventually lead to an epidemic in a country:

Stage 1 – When the virus is imported due to the people who have recently traveled to a virus hit country and have returned back to India

Stage 2 – When a set of people get the virus due to coming in direct contact with the the people having travel history

Stage 3 – When the people get the virus neither from an infected person nor because of traveling to the virus affected countries.

Stage 4 – When the situation gets out of control and gets transformed into an epidemic as we saw this happening in China and soon after in many other countries.

India as of today is on the cusp of 2nd stage, ready to enter into the 3rd stage. No community transmission of the virus is still reported. Here, the high possibility of unreported cases cannot be avoided as of now.

Thus, these 2 weeks are absolutely crucial for our country to contain and restrict the movement of the virus to the second stage itself. The medical faculties throughout the country are tirelessly working to ensure that the situation doesn’t enter the 3rd phase.

So, please follow all the guidelines only from the official govt and WHO sources and help the others around realize the gravity of the situation before it becomes too late.

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