What is Public Relations? How is it used?

Public relations is regarded as a strategic communication process used to create a positive brand image and to main a healthy relationship with the public or people. It an art and science that has evolved into a business model.

Public Relations is a very powerful tool, but it’s really just another business model. In this business model, a company hires public relations experts to develop and execute campaigns necessary to create a positive image and to state that how a particular organization, individual or an entity is good and necessary.

Public relations experts or Public Relations Officers (PRO), work with companies to create marketing materials, create PR campaigns, and build public trust.

In public relations, you need to put the right image out there and thus it is necessary to communicate what the company is about, what they’re trying to do. Thus, PR is all about building trust slowly and eventually.

Public Relations can be seen almost everywhere around us. Governments hire these experts to push their political campaigns and ideologies forward, institutes need these strategies to build an image for their public such as prospective and existing students, faculties and other stakeholders. Similarly, larger corporations and NGOs also need PR programs to successfully create an aura to maintain and to stay in the limelight of the public.

From product launches to hospitals to individuals, public relations, in this age of mass media, has become a tool of great importance.

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