Typhoon Hagibis and what such natural calamities ultimately imply!

The Japanese are one of the most sincere and hard-working people on the planet. But a week ago, this nation was again hit by a natural calamity in the form of a very powerful typhoon that recorded wind speeds of 165 kph and above.

Hagibis, a tropical typhoon has completely destroyed the major parts of Japan and is considered to be of an intensity that nobody has ever imagined.

And here we are, all humans and species of life, who suddenly become helpless in front of mother nature. All the innovations and inventions, discoveries and findings, thoughts and ideologies crash within no time. I guess the human ego is so complex and packed, that it just cannot understand the intricacies and challenges nature can pose.

But this country will soon recover and all we can do is pray for them and understand that nature is the ‘real’ King.

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