Off-Facebook Activity: A New tool by Facebook to give its users more control over data.

With the many challenges Facebook is facing in the past few years regarding its privacy model, the company has finally decided to launch a new tool by the name “Off-Facebook Activity” which will help the users to have more control over the amount of data which is being sent for marketing, advertising and testing purposes.

Its a great initiative by Facebook which shows that this social media giant is at least trying to solve their privacy issue by giving some amount of control in the user’s hands and introducing a transparent approach towards data usage.

With this tool, the users can see a summary of information about their activity done on other apps and websites which is then sent to Facebook and can also control it by completely disconnecting the personally associated information from the account. The “Control” feature will be rolled out within a few months and can be accessed by going to the Facebook’s Help-Center .

Source: Facebook

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