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Chandrayaan-2 – The moon mission is going to be a game changer for India!

It’s truly remarkable how far we have reached today that Mission Chandrayaan-2 has happened and that we all could witness it, which is all possible because of the true ladies and gentlemen and the jewels of our county, the scientists, and the whole team at ISRO. From Vikram Sarabhai to now, the journey has just been an unimaginable one.

After 15 years of dream and countless hours of work done by these amazing scientists for this mission, we covered a distance of 3.84 lakh km. But then, just within the last 2 km of landing of the ‘Vikram Lander’ on the moon, a bit of deviation from the trajectory happened and we suddenly lost contact with the lander at the ‘Fine Break Phase’ of the Mission.

Hope is still prevailing as the Lunar Orbiter is safe, where much of the mission is still a success but then we as a nation still have a task to pray and hope for the Vikram Lander that it must have landed safely because of its autonomous systems.

Really proud of ISRO and a big thank you to the team and it’s courage, determination and hard work! Jai Hind!

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