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A little bit about the History of Graphic Design!

Graphic design is all about how we can use colors, illustrations, typography, photography, etc to communicate messages to our audiences.

Coming to the history, I know that modern graphic design has been a result of the industrial revolution but the history can be traced back a lot earlier.

Thus ,the earliest graphic designers were artists who created objects using drawing or painted pencils. This can be easily shown by looking to the ancient Greeks, many of whom were masters in painting and writing. Greek art was thought of as the art in progress rather than ‘formalized art form’.

In fact, Greek paintings used a technique called ‘painting without words’ which involved the use of a brush, often a painted block, which was dipped in a liquid. That’s how printed designs evolved and such techniques are still used in many developing countries of the world. Graphic design has evolved as a result of exploration and experimentation from the ancient works of art.

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