A little about the Medieval History of India

The Medieval period according many scholars, was the “early period of the Gupta period” and the latter goes back to the earliest of the Gupta dynasty .

As with most aspects of Indian history, it is best to stick to a definition that is commonly accepted. What is known by experts now is that most Indian historians think the earliest Indian kings had to date from about 1100 AD to the beginning of the 10th century AD. That means the time frame for the history of India is before the emergence of a unified India in about 1200 AD.

Scholars believed that the history of India began with the founding of the first “eminent” kingdom, which would have been the Ghori kingdom in central Asia in the sixth century. This theory, however, is still disputed. Some scholars also say that it was the Gupta kings, not the kings of the Ghori kingdom, who founded the first Hindu dynasty in India.

In the middle days of the Islamic period (632 to 632) and the beginning of the Christian settlement in India, India was divided into various parts under the empire and states in the eastern portion of the Indian subcontinent. During the Middle Ages, when European influence spread eastward into India, colonialism took its shape.

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