3blue1brown: Learn undergraduate math in the most amazing and simplified manner!

3blue1brown is a YouTube channel by Grant Sanderson, a Stanfard math Graduate and an ex-Khan Academician. This channel is a treat for all those who want to learn some of the most simplest to the most complex of all the math and computer science concepts in the most simplified way, by understanding the in-depth nuances of the topic.

He has covered many of the topics which are a part of the undergraduate curriculum for many such as Linear Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Differential Equations, Physics and Neural Networks.

The most spectacular thing about this channel is the quality graphics or animations which holds the viewer throughout the lecture who is trying to understand what is being taught. This effective method by Mr. Sanderson is well proven as we Humans can understand better with pictures of a concept i.e it adds to our imagination quota which ultimately helps us to learn better.

3blue1brown is a channel which must be add to your subscription list if you really want to give a go at understanding some high level undergraduate mathematics, which is always a plus!

Channel Link : 3Blue1Brown

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