The Biggest ‘war’ which we all ‘have’ to fight in India..until then we will not attain freedom. The heinous acts of child slavery.

A brief introduction about him: Mr.Kailash Satyarthi (born on January 11, 1954) is a human rights activist from India who has been at the forefront of the global movement to end child slavery. He has led the rescue of over 80,000 child slaves and developed a successful model for their education and rehabilitation.He has been awarded with Nobel Peace Prize (which he now has given it away for the nation) in 2014 and other prizes for his contribution to the society.

Every year, in countries like India, thousands of small children are torn away from their families and forced into slavery – and hardly anyone is aware about their grave struggles and the harsh situations. Mr. Satyarthi’s struggle as he calls is a war which we have to fight in this country and only one man cannot do this alone.

I wished to write about him as I did read about his activities and his campaigns from a long time.. but the day when he came to a Game show called as KBC.. that day I finally felt an urge deep inside to spread this message, as he shared some of the most nightmarish experiences of his.

He said that some girls were ‘bought’ from Nepal by making false promises, for the purpose of human trafficking. And when Mr. Satyarthi went to rescue them, he found out that the police too were a part of the crime and it was just for a show that he was taken inside. Unfortunately, every girl they found was taken back. While returning they noticed a girl hiding between an elephant’s legs. They rescued her. She was scared to death.

She said: Log sirf ek Baar marte hai lekin hame rooj marna padhta hai (People die only once, but we have to die daily)

This statement is a nightmare in itself..imagine the real situation then. Further they found out that they were forced to wear short clothes. They were taught and forced to perform circus acts. She also revealed that when she would perform very well in the act, the circus master and local police-man would rape her as a reward and if she failed to do so, she was punished in the same way and gave her the same horrifying treatment calling it a reward. She couldn’t stand the sight of those ghastly men.

The trauma she and other girls had been through or say still ‘are’ going through each and every day rather each and every minute in this country, just couldn’t be imagined in the wildest of our dreams.

Finally after their legal rescue when Kailash sir was telling them that they could return home and finally go to school, the girl came close to him and said that she won’t be able to go to school as she is a grown up now. Imagine a 12 year old girl saying this. How much more painful can it become?

Have we really lost our minds? Where are we heading towards as a nation?

Think about the girl who begged her father to spare her for a night. Even when she complained that her body is aching badly and literally begged before him to let her sleep properly for one night, her father took her into the room, locked the door and forced her into the most inhuman act a person can ever imagine.

How will an innocent little child trust a man ever who was someone so close in a relation?

Yet another horrifying incident which he shared will make you think that, is this really the country we are living in?

Mr. Satyarthi told the story of a boy, around 5-6 years old who was kept as a slave inside a small cabin for 3 years and when he was finally rescued his eyes were paining because he was seeing the light for the first time after 3 long years as he was kept in that ‘dark’ cabin for that long as a child slave to work in those horrifying conditions. This is the worst kind of a treatment any living being can ever get, might be worse than a prisoner.

What we today are calling as freedom is not really ‘freedom for all’. We all the ‘lucky’ ones just cannot imagine, the reality and the situations these children face and I repeat ‘children’. All the saints and the freedom fighters who fought and died for this country along with their acts of peace, kindness and bravery are all just words and their sacrifices have gone in vain if such a heinous situation exists. We all have a big war to be fought ahead of us, say a freedom struggle against these inhuman acts as we as the citizens of this nation are collectively responsible for.

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